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Jordan Sadecki Named Teacher of the Week by 93.5 THE MIX

Nomination by Kyle Weber

"Miss Sadecki is rebuilding the instrumental music department at Columbus and with all the 5th-12th grade students in the Cedar Valley Catholic School system. The music department has been in a period of transition for many years. The seniors this year have had four different choir teachers, and as a result participation has dropped significantly. 

Students and Miss Sadecki have also dealt with a transition in musical direction in her short time there. Miss Sadecki, only having been there 4 years (I believe), has become the rock to their fine arts needs. The students respect her, and the band is growing each year in talent and size.

She teaches the various Catholic elementary 5th graders weekly before school, the Blessed Maria Assunta Pollata Concert Band students in the morning, and Concert Band at Columbus in the afternoon. She also holds band lessons, directs a pep band, high school show choir pit, musical orchestra, jazz band, and hopes to start a marching band when the band is large enough. 

Obviously, she is hard at work at all hours of the day. To top it off, she is one of the most faith-filled teachers in the CVCS system. She leads the students by example and shows them how to be young, professional, excitable, artistic, flexible, and faithful. "

Student Tuition Organization (STO) $AVE at Tax Time

STO donation - Save $$ on Your Income Taxes

Our Faith STO gave away $4.1 million in aid to about 3,100 Catholic school students in the archdiocese in the most recent school year. At least 90% of the money received by the STO must go back out in tuition grants. The STO offers tuition assistance to families based upon their identified financial need and the amount of money available in the program, as determined by an outside agency. Fifty-one percent of K-12 students in the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools System received some amount of tuition assistance in the 13-14 school year and 47% received STO for 14-15 - over $800,000! 

As an Iowa taxpayer, you can contribute to the STO and receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of your contribution. The amount you contribute qualifies as a charitable donation on your federal tax return as well. To date, donors to the Our Faith STO have saved more than $14 million on their Iowa Income Taxes. Additionally, C and S corporations, LLC’s, estates and trusts that file an Iowa tax return can also take advantage of this tax credit program.

$10,000 Contribution to STO compare to  $10,000 Charitable Contribution
Iowa Income Tax Credit  $6,500    Iowa Income Tax         $1,000
Federal Tax Return         $2,800    Federal Tax                 $2,800
Total Tax Savings*         $9,300    Total Tax Savings*      $3,800
*Assumes 28% Federal and 10% state tax brackets.  This is provided as an example. All taxpayers should consult with their tax advisor for specific information.

Donate online or print the 2014 Donor form & mail with your check - http://ourfaithsto.org/for-donors/ways-to-donate/.  If you have questions about the Our Faith STO program, please contact: Jamie Henley, The Catholic Foundation for the Archdiocese of Dubuque at 319-261-1031 or jhenley@OurFaithSTO.org

When you make your donation, be sure to designate Waterloo: Cedar Valley Catholic Schools to receive 50% of your contribution. Your designated donation will help increase the amount of assistance available to CVCS families. Contact the CVCS office at 232-1422 to request a donor form.

From the CVCS Business Office

If you applied for tuition assistance or feel you need help with your child's lunch cost during the year, you can apply for Free or Reduced Lunches. You can apply online at http://ezmealapp.com. You can also request a hard copy of the application from your school. If you have questions, contact Mary Jones at 233-3358 ext.125 or mjones@cvcatholic.org. You can apply at any time throughout the year & if approved will receive assistance with the lunch cost from that point forward till the end of the current school year. Just like for tuition assistance, you must apply each year.

Where Inspiration meets Preparation

Every day at Columbus Catholic High School, we strive to define excellence as we prepare students to achieve success in college, their career and in life. At Columbus Catholic High School, instruction occurs in a disciplined environment of accountability, fairness and sincerity. Valuable life skills, such as critical thinking, communicating clearly and problem solving, are nurtured through a variety of teaching approaches, clear expectations and practical applications.

A Catholic education at our high school fosters the values of human dignity, responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and moral decision making.

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