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Every day at Columbus Catholic High School, we strive to define excellence as we prepare students to achieve success in college, their career and in life. At Columbus Catholic High School, instruction occurs in a disciplined environment of accountability, fairness and sincerity. Valuable life skills, such as critical thinking, communicating clearly and problem solving, are nurtured through a variety of teaching approaches, clear expectations and practical applications.

A Catholic education at our high school fosters the values of human dignity, responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and moral decision making.

Lent 2016
A reminder to the Columbus Family to remain faithful to their goals in this Lenten season. We have to remember the three major components to Lent which is: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. We also need to stick with our Lenten goal. We should get our mind off our temptation by either reading the bible, talk with a friend or family member, or go to mass. And lastly we need to be persistent with our Lenten goals. Knowing that when it's Friday, we need to stick with non-meat foods.

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