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Highlights from HOMECOMING 2014

Special thanks to Music Directors, Ms. Jordan Sadecki and Mr. Carston Calderwood, for arranging the Pep Band Musicians and Choir students - what a great addition to the crowd spirit. We love that Fine Arts and Athletics can be showcased on the field and everyone is involved. TRUE SAILOR SPIRIT! 

  • Highlights of Homecoming Week - 17 Locations were served on COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY Thursday, September 18

  • PEP RALLY/ CLASS VIDEO JUDGING - Seniors Took First Place

Here are the links for the class videos - "You be the Judge" 

Be sure to check back for more photos throughout the school year or go to Cedar Valley Catholic Schools' Facebook page to check out photo albums throughout school year. Send us your photos so we share all of the fun activities that our students participate in for the school year.

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Every day at Columbus Catholic High School, we strive to define excellence as we prepare students to achieve success in college, their career and in life. At Columbus Catholic High School, instruction occurs in a disciplined environment of accountability, fairness and sincerity. Valuable life skills, such as critical thinking, communicating clearly and problem solving, are nurtured through a variety of teaching approaches, clear expectations and practical applications.

A Catholic education at our high school fosters the values of human dignity, responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and moral decision making.

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