"Pro Deo et communione ducere et servire... For God and Community, to Lead and to Serve"

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Student, Jacob Boleyn, helps to paint the Stations of the Cross around Columbus Students receive their ashes at Ash Wednesday Mass CHSBHM6-1 Students enjoy mass together during Catholic Schools Week

Mark Your Calendar
This is an event you will not want to miss. Invite your friends and neighbors and all military and veterans. The evening is open to everyone. 

Columbus students will present their program to honor our military. The night includes students sharing their experiences from their European History Trip. The purpose of the trip is for students 
to learn, to experience, to honor and to remember.

Please come and share this night with us. It is a life changing experience and honors our military heroes.

Where Inspiration meets Preparation

Every day at Columbus Catholic High School, we strive to define excellence as we prepare students to achieve success in college, their career and in life. At Columbus Catholic High School, instruction occurs in a disciplined environment of accountability, fairness and sincerity. Valuable life skills, such as critical thinking, communicating clearly and problem solving, are nurtured through a variety of teaching approaches, clear expectations and practical applications.

A Catholic education at our high school fosters the values of human dignity, responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and moral decision making.

Breakfast and Lunch:
Lunch for March 13:

Pizza Crunchers
Sweet potato puffs
Carrots, celery, & Jicama sticks
Tossed salad & veggies
Fresh Fruit
Diced Pears
Choc chip cookie

Breakfast for March 23:
WG Pop-Tart OR
WG Cereal Bar OR
WG Cereal
Yogurt Parfait
Orange Juice

Latest News

Tuition Assistance Reminders

If you would like to apply for tuition assistance for the 2015/16 year, the deadline for round 1 STO is March 23rd to be assured of receiving the maximum assistance available to you.  If you'd like to save on the processing fee, the fee this year for online submission is $25 & for paper application is $26. A copy of your tax return is mandatory; therefore, it is critical that you have your 2014 return prepared promptly. Links for registration & assistance materials are at CVCS Registration. When completing the PSAS application, our school/system code is 1086 and the authorization code for filing online is arch1

If you are uncertain your child will be attending CVCS but would need tuition assistance if they do, apply by the March deadline. You can always turn down the assistance but the assistance may not be available if you change your mind & apply this summer.  By filing early, you will find out your assistance award in May, otherwise you won't find out the amount of assistance until awards are made again in mid-August. 

Be sure to read the instructions for section C of the application form carefully. Have you included your college students & those in PreK or daycare on your application? Eventhough you can't get tuition assistance thru STO or CVCS for those students, the information is considered in the assistance calculation. 

If you receive notification from PSAS that you are missing documentation, please send the missing items immediately. Applications missing information will NOT be processed for assistance.