"Pro Deo et communione ducere et servire... For God and Community, to Lead and to Serve"

While our programs are focused on the Catholic faith, CVCS welcomes all students seeking an education guided by the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

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Message from CVCS Chief Administrator, Dr. Dale Monroe

YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE SCHOOL TUITION ORGANIZATION TAX CREDIT IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF OUR SCHOOLS. We hope you will take time to review important information that has been compiled in the slide show below to educate your family on the importance of the School Tuition Organization Tax Credit that will go before Iowa Legislators this fall. Please show your support by voting in November. If you need more information please contact me at dmonroe@cvcatholic.org.

Recommendations from the Iowa Alliance for Education


Visit the Iowa Secretary of State website for voter registration information - https://sos.iowa.gov/ elections/voterinformation/index.html  Download and complete the Voter Registration form and return to the County Auditor’s office in the county where you reside

If you don’t have internet access, contact or visit your local County Auditor’s office to get registered
FIND YOUR CANDIDATES. See the list of all candidates for the November General Election at the Secretary of State’s website at https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/pdf/2014/general/candlist.pdf

Need help finding the district in which you live? The names of your legislators? Visit the Iowa Legislature website at https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find and enter your address information at the right side of the page.

VISIT WITH YOUR CANDIDATES - All candidates have websites – put your candidate name in your search engine to locate your candidate’s site. Most sites include a list of upcoming appearances and events. Attend one of those and ask questions. Find out if your incumbent legislator or candidate holds local gatherings to discuss ideas with constituents.

If you have no internet access, call your County Auditor’s office to get the contact information for your candidate. Call the candidate and find out about upcoming public appearances.
Contact your candidate directly and ask for an appointment to visit with him or her.
Invite your local candidate to visit your school, attend a school function. Use that opportunity to share all your school has to offer. Ask your candidate questions about his/her position on school choice and nonpublic education.

Are you aware of the School Tuition Organization Tax Credit Program? Do you support this program? Would you support expanding this tax credit cap? Do you consider yourself a supporter of school choice – the idea that ALL Iowa parents should have access to the educational choice that best meets their child’s needs? What are your thoughts on nonpublic schools? Virtual schools? Charter schools? Home Instruction? Public Schools? Do you/did you have school-age children? What school do/did they attend? Have you heard of the Education Savings Account? This program idea involves parents not enrolling their child in a public school receiving a deposit of state funds into an authorized savings account to be used for educational expenses such as private school tuition and tutoring. Would you support the creation of such a program in Iowa?

Give us your feedback. Let Iowa ACE Executive Director, Trish Wilger, know of the outcome of your legislator visit by contacting her at twilger@iowaace.org or 515.323.0687.

See your voter registration card or local newspaper for your assigned polling place.

Polls will be open statewide between 7am and 9pm on November 4. Go vote! Unavailable on Election Day? Consider voting early by absentee ballot. Specific rules and deadlines apply!! Contact your County Auditor for details or visit the Secretary of State website at https:// sos.iowa.gov/elections/electioninfo/absenteeinfo.html
Didn’t register and it’s already November 4? No worries, you can register on Election Day at your local polling location with proper identification.

Invite others to accompany you on Election Day, and offer to drive those who may have difficulty getting themselves to the polls. This is important for gaining more financial support for our schools.

From the CVCS Business Office
Annual payments & the first payment for semi-annual payers were due August 31st. If you haven't made your payment, please do so either at the school or the CVCS office. 

If you wanted to make payments with FACTS and haven't received confirmation of your payment schedule, contact the CVCS office at 232-1422. 

If you applied for tuition assistance or feel you need help with your child's lunch cost during the year, you can apply for Free or Reduced Lunches. You can apply online at http://ezmealapp.com. You can also request a hard copy of the application from your school. If you have questions, contact Mary Jones at 233-3358 ext.125 or mjones@cvcatholic.org. You can apply at any time throughout the year & if approved will receive assistance with the lunch cost from that point forward till the end of the current school year. Just like for tuition assistance, you must apply each year.

A Foundation of Faith, Preparation for Success

Cedar Valley Catholic Schools (CVCS) provides an exceptional learning environment based on our faith’s beliefs and values, enabling your children to grow in their understanding of themselves, their relationship with God and their relationships with others. Our students gain knowledge in a disciplined environment and grow personally, academically and spiritually through service to their community. They are supported in living out the values of a Catholic education that develops lifelong faith formation and learning.

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