FOR FAMILIES USING WATERLOO SCHOOLS BUS ROUTES: Waterloo Bus Route information cards were mailed Wednesday, August 13. If you did not receive bus information (by Friday, August 15) or to find out if your household is eligible for school bus transportation, please call Durham School Services at 319-291-4879.

Please also use this phone number 319.291.4879 if you are experiencing any problems with Waterloo School Bus routes. We are working with Waterloo School officials to share our concerns. 

Let's all pray these transportations issues can be resolved and we can make sure our students are being transported safely to and from school.

Bus transportation is provided by the Waterloo Community School District and through other arrangements. Rules established by these agencies are to be followed as though they were Cedar Valley Catholic Schools rules.

A student may be suspended from bus transportation for inappropriate conduct. Transporting students to school requires the cooperation of bus drivers, students and parents to assure that high safety standards are maintained.

Transportation Reimbursement

If a student is eligible for bus transportation but a bus does not come into his/her area of residence, the parents/guardians may receive reimbursement for transporting their own children to school. Forms for transportation reimbursement may be obtained from the CVCS office.

Parents/guardians have the sole responsibility for requesting transportation reimbursement. They do so by completing the forms and mailing them to:

Waterloo Community School Bus Reimbursement Form

Cedar Falls Community Schools Bus Reimbursement Form

Waterloo Community Schools
1516 Washington St.
Waterloo, Iowa 50702

Reimbursement payments are issued directly to parents/guardians by the Waterloo Community Schools and will usually arrive six to nine months after the end of each semester. Preschool children do not receive bus service or transportation reimbursement.