Benchwarmer Football Raffle

Help support the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools and get ready for the NFL season through your purchase of Benchwarmer tickets.

Ticket Price $25.00

TOTAL PRIZES:  $16,000
Six highest scores paid each week!
Extra prizes in last week!

  • Each week during the 17 week NFL football season you are assigned 3 random teams.

  • The score for each of the teams that week are added together.

  • Determination of raffle winners each week is based on the 3 teams’ total scores that week. Example: if you have the numbers for the Bears, Packers, and Dolphins and the Bears score 45, Packers score 21 & Dolphins score 28, your total would be 94 (45+21+28=94).
  • If this total is very high or very low you could be eligible for one of the weekly prizes.
  • Teams not playing in a given week will be assigned the previous week’s score.

  • The winning numbers are computer calculated and the winners will be posted weekly on our website —

  • Winners will automatically be mailed their prize money!

    Tickets and money must be turned in by September 6, 2017  to be eligible for the first week’s raffle. 

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