School Lunch Program

Our menus are designed to provide balanced nutrition and great taste. We continually look for new menu items so students have a variety of options to choose.

Meal Prices 2016-2017

                                 1 day         
Breakfast Prices:
Grades Pre-k-5       $1.80*         
Grades 6-12           $2.15*       
Reduced                $0.30*           Approved application on file
Adult/Visitor           $2.50*    
2nd Breakfasts       $2.50*     

Lunch Prices:
Grades Pre-k-5       $2.50*   
Grades 6-12           $2.75*   
Reduced                $0.40*     Approved application on file
Adult/visitor            $3.60*  
2nd lunches            $3.30*    
Extra milk               $.50*    
*the prices shown are for one student, adult or guest.

Grades 6-12 are allowed seconds/A la carte, only if students have funds available in their account.

Current A la carte prices are:
Second Entrée        $1.75     Chips               $.75
Extra Fruit               $.50      Extra Dessert    $.75
Extra juice               $.50      Baked Fries      $.75

A free/reduced lunch application can be completed at
If your child has a food allergy, please complete and return the Diet Modification Request form.
Diet Modification Request Form 2015 - Final